Automated assembly and Inspections Cells

Automated assembly and Inspections Cells

Neurogrid systems provides custom functional design, built and installed manufacturing solutions. As a brand Neurocheck is very renowned as its industry-leading knowledge and global capabilities to serve the sophisticated automation systems' needs of multinational customers globally including India. The organization core area will be such as machine vision, SPM for Food conveying & quality checking and consumer products.

It also leverages its many years of experience and skills to fulfill the specialized automation product manufacturing requirements of customers. Through its Ontario solar business, Neurogrid systems has developed a tool for solar assembly verification for better productivity & efficiency

Neurogrid’s automatic assembly cells are designed and built for single or multi-part assemblies with machine vision inspection cells. The cells integrate the appropriate automation technologies resulting in consistent, high quality assemblies. Part fixtures and multi-axis tools assure optimum part positioning and processing. Each cell is designed to meet your specific production requirements and quality control with machine vision.

With Neurogrid you can find the solution for your every industrial challenge and our machine vision experts advise you with their many years of experience in this field. Contact us, because we look forward to serve you the best.

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