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The ideal all-round software for demanding inspection tasks in manufacturing processes. software offers two user interfaces. One for the development of inspection solutions, the other for controlling automatic inspection. From camera integration to result output to the control system or master computer – Software meets all demands made of an image processing system with a single universal PC standard software. The entire functionality is presented using an ergonomic and intuitive Windows® user interface. To use NeuroCheck, no programming skills are necessary.

The NeuroCheck software offers essential functions

Manual mode

Manual mode offers a development interface for the interactive graphical creation of an inspection solution. Here you define the logical structure of the check procedure and the parameters for executing the algorithms.

Automatic mode

In automatic mode, the previously created inspection solution runs automatically. The system monitor visualizes status and results in configurable windows. The process is controlled by a PLC or master computer.  

 Camera integration

NeuroCheck supports a multitude of up-to-date digital cameras with established standards and various resolutions. Use the integrated „device manager“ to setup and configure the cameras comfortably.

Image processing algorithms

The software encapsulates the NeuroCheck image processing library with thousands of powerful and long-proven evaluation algorithms. The check functions are logically grouped into categories such as image capturing, pre-processing, analysis and gauging.

Process integration

For communicating with the supervisory control system, a number of modern standard interfaces are available. Execution of the inspection procedure can be affected dynamically by the process peripherals. Reversely, NeuroCheck also sends the inspection results and measurement values to the peripherals.

Technical Data


  • Digital cameras according to Firewire (IEEE 1394) a/b and GigE Vision Standard
  • Framegrabber for Camera Link and analog cameras
  • Image resolution currently from 640*480 to 4008*2762 pixel
  • Line-scan cameras with sensor size of 1k,2k,4k,8k
  • Gray value cameras with 8 bit or 12 bit depth
  • color cameras with 24 bit or 36 bit depth
  • Sensor types CCD and CMOS
  • Triggered image capturing(hardware or software trigger)
  • Synchronized of parrallel image capturing

Functions & Algorithms

  • Image enhancement (contrast, hostogram, illumination)
  • Geometrical transformation(ratation, mirroring, scaling)
  • Image filters(smoothing, contrast, edges, morphology)
  • Binary threshold, segmentation, blob analysis and pixel counter
  • Edge extraction with subpixel precision
  • Automatic position and angle correction
  • Template Matching
  • Color matching and color space transformation
  • Model geometries(line,circle) with subpixel precision
  • Analysis of geometrical features
  • Print quality inspection
  • Bar code and Data Matrix code identification

Communication Interfaces

  • Digital I/O
  • Field bus(PROFIBUS)
  • Industrial Ethernet(PROFINET, Ethernet/IP, MODBUS/TCP, EtherCAT, Powerlink)
  • Standard Ethernet(TCP/IP, UDP/IP)
  • Serial interface(RS-232)
  • Data formats XML,CSV,TXT
  • SQL data bases
NeuroCheck Plug-In Interface

You can further extend the NeuroCheck functionality utilising your own algorithms into the NeuroCheck software environment through the Plug in Facility. Neurocheck offers a software extension wizard built into the software. this creates the complete infrastructure of the Plug in you then only have to implement the content of the executing function within th Plug in Editior

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