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Custom flexible Mountings and fencing solutions

Custom flexible Mountings and fencing solutions

Neurogrid’s flexible industrial-grade mounting system that is suitable for both industrial development and deployment. Neurogrid components are made of strong aluminum and the mounting bases, knuckles, links, and mounting plates (available for most cameras and lights) are modular, so a configuration can be quickly assembled and locked in place. Need to make a change? It’s easy and only the joints that need to be adjusted are moved. These configurations will not move out-of-place once tightened down.

As noted, mounts are available for most cameras and lights, as well as for buttons and stack lights, with standard threaded receptacles and hollow links, knuckles, and bases so any cabling can be run through the Neurogrid systems and remain out-of-sight. Neurogrid products are available in metric or imperial.

With machine vision systems we added solutions for custom and flexible mounting solutions for cameras, sensors, smaller and lighter cameras (XS series), monitor, table base for quick mounting to workbenches and tables, and robotic end of arm tooling

Neurogrid’s conveyors has been introduced as a modular conveyor option. We are able to sell a conveyor-in-a-box at a fraction of the cost, ship worldwide, and let you build the conveyor.

Our guarding system will solve the problems that machine guarding/fencing is not always rigid enough for industrial environment and takes too long to manufacture. Our modular guarding system is sold in sections and easily links together, allowing the end user to buy an off-the-shelf solution that appears like it was built custom. It is strong enough to be considered the major player in industrial guarding and fencing products.


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