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Business Core

Business Core

Neurogrid provides quality control vision systems into many diverse food industries, ranging from snacks and dry food to fresh and frozen food applications. NGS design, manufacture and install a wide range of vision inspection solutions as well as the full control to allow our systems to integrate directly with the machinery and production processes. Neurogrid’s vision systems are capable of exceptional speeds while maintaining high accuracy and can switch automatically between different products and processes, allowing food manufacturers to handle many products on a single line.

Our class-leading quality control vision systems provides end-of-line quality control to finite detail. We save our clients money by installing a vision system which is robust and reliable, and we save them a lot of time allowing immediate payback on quality.

Vision System

We offer customized vision based solutions which deliver exceptional flexibility and unmatched ease of use.

Track and identify parts

Vision can be used to automate tracking of parts and products by reading 1D and 2D identifying codes. Vision based ID readers are the preferred choice over conventional laser based code readers because of their reliability and efficiency.

Eliminate defects

Vision systems inspect 100% of your production inline, and ensure that your shipments are free of defects.

Verify assembly

Using Vision systems it is possible to reduce waste by early detection of process errors, and save thousands of components from being scrapped.

Automate production

Vision enhances efficiency of manufacturing lines by enabling production equipment to automatically locate and identify items.