3D profiler Solutions

3D profiler Solutions

Profiling can be carried out on most beam sizes and shapes with and without additional optical manipulation or enhancement. Most Ophir-Spiricon arrayed cameras with The triangulation operational principle

  • Optical profiling, as opposed to stylus profiling, is non-contact.
  • Optical profilers measurements are three dimensional: they measure height (the Z-axis) over an area of X and Y lateral dimensions. Stylus profilometers are inherently linear (2 dimensional). A stylus is dragged across the surface, sampling points along a line.
  • Every pixel in the imaging camera is a datum: its optical path difference is calculated relative to each adjacent pixel, by comparing the contrast between them. So, the more pixels in the field of view, the more data you get in each measurement.
  • Styli wear out, or need to be changed for varying surface conditions. Optical profilers have no stylus, and no expensive 'consumable' parts to replace

Application areas are

  • Automotive
  • Consumer electronics
  • Sheet metals
  • Rubber and tier
  • Wood industries
  • Packaging

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